Remote Manager


This program is an invaluable utility for Network Admins and people in charge of IT, from a small IT office to a NOC. It allows quick access to remote devices via multiple methods.

Very simple to install and use, was written with the idea of quick access to remote devices without the baggage that other similar utilities bring along.

This is management software only.  Does not include clients.  Will use windows built in RDP, Telnet and HTTP/HTTPS.  Windows Vista does not come with telnet but any of the clients available on the net can be configured inside Remote Manager.


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  • Simple to use remote management software
  • Configurable clients allow use of your own utilities for remote adm
  • Multiple views allow for pleasant gui setup
  • Settings and screen position saved on exit
  • Can be set as topmost window
  • Add new devices fast and easily with form storing the last added device (same session)
  • Quick connect allows for connection to a new/one time access device
  • Each device allows for default access method via double click


  • P3, P4 or Better Computer
  • 1.5GHz CPU
  • 256 MB RAM
  • Windows 2000 or better
  • NET 2.0 Framework installed (free from MS)
  • VNC / SSH software - if you want to use these methods


Please download and install the demo before ordering to make sure the program works to your expectations.


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