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This program is invaluable for Network Admins and people in charge of IT, from a small IT office to a NOC. There are 25 independent live graphs to indicate status of hosts, devices or services.
Logging feature will timestamp logs indicating what time a device failed and came back up. GUI customization lets you select most pleasant/appropriate interface.

Very simple to install and use, permits multiple instances to monitor 40 or 60 devices from one PC.  Please look below for more information.



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  • -Up to 25 independent object Monitors running on separate threads
  • -Multiprotocol support: ICMP and HTTP
  • -Drawing of graph lines indicating real-time status of devices or web services
  • -Logging and Email notification
  • -Two object data sources: Program settings and dynamic Sensor File
  • -Remote Agent support (first 20 objects)
  • -Screen position as window state saved (for multimonitor configurations)
  • -Most attributes of program GUI are editable


  • P3, P4 or Better Computer
  • 1.5GHz CPU
  • 256 MB RAM
  • Windows 2000 or better
  • NET 2.0 Framework installed (free from MS)
  • Display capable of 1280x1024 for full screen view of all monitors



The first 25 lines (objects) of the Objects file will be read and assigned accordingly, i.e. line 5 of this file will be assigned to PingGraph pane #5. Any text pass line #25 will be ignored. The Agent is limited to 20 objects.
Format of this file is the following:
Where SERVER is an IP address or DNS name of a server or interface for ICMP, or a URL of a web service containing ID# of a device/service if needed. . This value is ignored when AGENT is selected for sensor type.
LABEL is how you want to label this object in PingGraph - if "Use Labels" is unchecked in Properties the server/url address of an object will be shown instead. SENSOR is one of the currently supported: ICMP, HTTP or AGENT
For example; to graph the ping results of a connection to internet you may want to ping, therefore specify:
YAHOO.COM, Public Internet, ICMP
For a web device/service Graphing you will need to write an ASP or PHP script checking the device status and returning a number between 10 and 120 or -1 if not accessible. For a HTTP sensor select "Randomization" setting, i.e. 25. This will create a ‘wiggly’ line instead of a ‘static’ flatline. Select 0 for no
randomization. For example to PingGraph a pda #1 status your Objects file should contain:,PDA01,http
To show data retrieved for host REMHOST via Agent use the following:
REMHOST, Remote Server, AGENT
Please read the manual below for more information.

Click Here for Manual.

Please download and install the demo before ordering to make sure the program works to your expectations.



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