Blind Reset utility - Freeware

Description: This small utility allows you to shutdown/restart your system using ALT-X and ALT-R shortcuts. The applications runs in tray and shortcuts are system-wide.
I use this utility to shutdown/restart my proxy server which doesn't have a monitor.
Program starts minimized in system tray. Shortcuts Alt-X and Alt-R are system-wide.

This utility doesn't come with an installer -- it is too small to bother. I put this program on my start menu directly (without shortcut). You may want to put this program in a specific folder and use shortcut if you like.
It only makes sense that the program is started on windows startup (from "Startup" folder in start menu), but if the Keyboard shortcuts interfere with your work, you can start the program manually.



Optional Dialog


System Requirements

  • An IBM compatible PC running MS Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP

  • Display capable of 800 x 600, 256 colors minimum

  • Any unzipping utility supporting long file names (Joliet)

  • VB Runtime files installed (see download section of this site)




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