Obtaining login data for existing users of Check Printer BE who ordered before January 2005
  1. Start current version of Check Printer Business Edition,
  2. Click Settings button,
  3. Click About button,
  4. Write down the LAST word on the SECOND line from the top EXACTLY as it appears (including the case),
  5. Login using the email you ordered the program under,  in lowercase as login and the word from previous step as your password,
  6. Please keep your login info private, all downloads are counted and more than 10 per person will cause account lockdown.

If you have a problem with login please email me and provide your name, approx. date of your order and the email you believe you ordered under.

Anyone who ordered the program in January 2005 or later please see your email Inbox for login info. Your login and password were provided in the message  sent to you at the time of your order.  If you have not received login data in your Inbox check your Junk Mail folder - some junk mail filters
may filter out automated messages sent by a server.  Simply click the login link in the message body or login below.




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