Important Notice to Foreign Buyers:

To avoid any subsequent misunderstandings, please note that importing goods from another country, or another free trade area, can mean that your national Customs authorities may charge you Customs Duty and/or other additional related taxes (for example a Value Added Tax or a Sales Tax). YOU, as the importer, are responsible for paying any such taxes. We have no control over what taxes you may be charged by your own national tax authorities. We are not responsible for compensating you for payment of any such taxes. If you do not know how much (if any) import tax you might have to pay, please check with your local tax authorities BEFORE entering into a contract to purchase.

Some countries prohibit or restrict the importation of some types of goods. You may need a special or general license and/or other documents to import goods, particularly in larger quantities. It is your responsibility to check with your national Customs authorities whether the goods you intend to import are subject to any such restrictions. If your goods are retained or confiscated by your own national Customs authorities for any reason, it is your responsibility alone to negotiate with them the terms on which such goods might be released to you.

On any Customs forms, we declare the full purchase price as the value of the goods. We do not under declare values, or mark goods as a "gift".

Payment terms:

We accept PayPal and all Major Credit Cards thru PayPal, as well as Western Union Money Orders drawn in US funds.

PayPal is only accepted in the following countries, others will need to pay western union:
  • Anguilla*
  • Argentina*
  • Australia#
  • Austria#
  • Belgium#
  • Brazil
  • Canada#
  • Chile
  • China
  • Costa Rica#
  • Denmark#
  • Dominican Republic*
  • Finland#
  • France#
  • Germany#
  • Greece
  • Hong Kong#
  • Iceland
  • India
  • Ireland
  • Israel
  • Italy#
  • Jamaica*
  • Japan#
  • Luxembourg
  • Mexico#
  • Netherlands#
  • New Zealand#
  • Norway#
  • Portugal
  • Singapore#
  • South Korea
  • Spain#
  • Sweden#
  • Switzerland#
  • Taiwan
  • United Kingdom#
* Users in these countries are limited to sending money with their PayPal accounts. They may not receive payments.
# PayPal accepts withdrawals to local bank accounts in these countries. Users in any country may withdraw funds to a U.S. bank account.

Shipping policy:

Will ship to US and countries listed above as well as eastern European countries.  Will not ship to countries under US embargo or sanctions.

We will ship within 2 business days of PayPal payment (or eCheck date of clearing) or Money Order receipt.  Your purchase will be sent via 3-day Global Priority Mail or 7-10 day Air Mail to Europe and everywhere else. 
Your package may be held longer at customs - we have no control over this, but it did happen in the past.

Shipping is $10 to H & P and Canada, $13 to Europe and rest of the World for the first 3 CDs and $4 for additional sets of 3 including the Handling. 
Please add international Handling surcharge by clicking on of the buttons on a Product page.  This surcharge will appear as an item in your shopping cart. 
Note: we cannot ship your package outside of USA if you have not applied this surcharge.  Our profit margin is too narrow to cover international shipping charges.


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