Check Printer Comparison Chart


Home Edition

Business Edition

Layout Editor with font picker
Editable Check Register with record sorting and printing
Record search feature for check register
Payee List / Editor
Quicken/Money Plug (print personal checks from Quicken/Money/QBooks)
Auto-Start your financial software along with check printer (for QMP printing)
QMP notes feature -- add notes to each QMP printed check
Auto complete feature in payee field
Foreign currency support plus Spanish and French (Canadian) amount printing
Carbon copy printing
Exporting of Register and Payee records to Excel comma delimited files
Quicken/Money color bars editable with color picker
Void check printing
Scanned signature support
Notes printing (DL, Phone #, etc)
Status bar help in dialogs
Main Dialog color and image options
Popup menus in dialogs
The Enter key works as Tab
A different font can be used for each printed field
Security (Encryption / Password protection)
Program data backup/restore
Session Balance
Manual entry of Deposits
Manual entry of handwritten checks and Withdrawals
Quick calculator access (ALT-C) on Main Window and in register
100 Mil check limit
Up to 9 accounts, each having its own layout, register, payees and user set check size
Multiple check sizes support (wallet, business and custom/user defined)
Support for check sizes up to 8.5" x 4.5"
Separate Printer can be set for each account
Dual-line word amount to accommodate large amounts
Batch printing feature
Multiple check endorsement support
Quick account switching
Envelope printer software included*
Lifetime of free upgrades
Foreign features (cross-check, block date, etc)

System requirements

  • An IBM compatible PC running MS Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP
  • Display capable of 800 x 600, 256 colors minimum
  • Any printer - (make sure yours works by testing the Demo on it)
  • Any unzipping utility supporting long file names (Joliet)
  • VB Runtime files installed (see download section of this site)

  *Envelope Printer may not work on older systems due to complex calculations it has to perform. 
    If you get Rotation 90 error you may still print in portrait but not in landscape orientation.


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